Welcome to Caninatural! In a world where Sam and Dean are strays, roaming the cities of the U.S. With their Angel buddy Castiel. Follow the trio on their adventures and ask questions to nearly any character that played a major role in Supernatural!
Things to take note of
*This is generally the same plot as the original series save for a few changes here and there that would take too long to explain here lol.
*Blog includes basically any character that played a major role in supernatural. Ask any of them questions (please specify who in your question)
*For the sake of making questions less restricting there is no set plot timeline for this blog. Things will happen randomly whether related to the actual series or not lol. Relations to characters are generally the same as the original series.
March 29th
10:40 PM

Dean usually loves puppies. But Cas is starting to think that it’s only when there’s a distinct height advantage.


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